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Gershkul Lisa

Gershkul Lisa
urgent treatment is needed

We call for you being non-indifferent and tender-hearted people.
The problem is that a little girl of 11 - Lisa Gershkul - is in great trouble: a very dangerous type of disease was detected - acute myelogenous leukaemia, FAB М4.
Through the people the diagnosis is called leukaemia.
Unhappily in our country Kazakhstan the treatment showed no results and doctors gave very unpromising prognosis. Nevertheless there is a hope for the hospital in Israel. Now she needs urgent bone marrow transplantation and courses of chemotherapy.
The complete official information is presented at the page Documents

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Treatment in Israel

With the help of relatives a small amount of money for examination in Israel was collected, the girl is already there. Unfortunately, the needed sum is much higher.
Active searches of patrons are performed. We lay our hope on people non-indifferent to the troubles of others, on those who understand that the same may happen to anyone with us.

Help us to save the child!
We thank everyone in advance who is responsive; take on trust, every good deal is repaid a hundredfold.

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Help us collect the money - Save Lisa

The sum of money for treatment is huge.
The following is a rough list of expenses obtained from the hospital:

8,5-15 ths. USD - ambulatory tests,
83,5 ths. USD - maintenance therapy and 5 chemotherapy blocks,
15-20 ths. USD - hospitalization,
2,9 ths. USD - search service of a suitable donor,
45 ths. USD - selecting, transferring and payment for donor,
125 ths. USD - bone marrow transplantation,
20 ths. USD - collecting, freezing and preservation of stem-cells,
11,5 ths. USD - umbilical cord blood transplantation,
15 ths. USD × 12 - monthly examination in the hospital for one year,
1,5 ths. USD - cost of 1 day at in-patient department,
3,36 ths. USD - cost of 1 day in resuscitation department.

In total over 0.5 million USD is needed.

The girl's parents will be happy to any sum of money even if it is little, due to this being a step of saving the child.

The major accounts for money collection

Beneficiary Bank:
Halyk Bank Kazakhstan
97 Rozybakiev str., 050046 Almaty Kazakhstan
Account of beneficiary: KZ376010033000002321
Beneficiary: Andrey Gershkul

Other means, by which you can make free-will donations, are at the page Help.

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Journal of Treatment

  • 30.01.2011.From tomorrow starts high-dose chemotherapy before bone marrow transplantation.

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Donation Collection

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